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Course Description:

You will learn to invest in real estate to create $271.00-$8,119.00 a month of passive, automatic lifetime income, even if you have little money or no experience. In this program, that’ll only be available for a limited time, Cole Hatter and I will show you how to acquire tangible (i.e., real) assets of property that generate money by themselves, even while you’re sleeping.

  • How to finance your real estate investments, even if you have zero money or experience.
  • How to find the best deals in real estate, including the exact locations in the US Cole and I think are best for real estate investing right now.
  • How to calculate the math for making important real estate investment decisions, so you can lower the chances of losing your money.
  • How to create generous – and 100% legal – tax deductions, so you benefit from some of the best tax breaks possible offered to real estate investors.
  • How “Seller Financing” works, so you can create cash flow the equity in your home, without raising flags with the FCC.
  • How to structure your real estate investing deals, negotiate the best-possible rates, and how to get a tentative occupant who covers the cost of your property.
  • And more.