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Anand Sanghvi went from a $5,000 prop trading account to managing his own hedge fund by developing his own options pricing formula and learning to read the pulse of the market in the tape. He started from the bottom and made money the only way that made sense to him. That meant avoiding what nearly everyone else did.

If you’ve been looking for a trading education for more than a week, you’ve now experienced pump and dumps, trading seminars offering magical indicators, and educators that guarantee you profits. You’re here reading this, so we’re guessing that you now understand the fundamental truth of the markets: Making money isn’t that easy.

  • Move beyond technical analysis.
  • Tap into the flow of the markets.
  • Perfect your timing.
  • Trade side by side.
  • Trade recap.
  • Question and answer.
  • Planning and setups.
  • Tape reading review.
  • And more.