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My driving goal for over half a century has been to find a very easy-to-follow stock investing “system” that ALWAYS beats the market, as well as a simple trading strategy that does the same. You can learn these exact approaches… and a whole lot more in a special seminar in Los Angeles. This one day event will cover more than just this one strategy. I will:

  • 1.Give you an investment strategy that has made an average of +20% per year FROM 1988 TO DATE**.
  • 2.Show you the stocks we are currently invested in and why, so you see real results.
  • 3.How to do what we do in less than an hour a month.
  • 4.Teach you the very best stocks for: a.Trading b.Investing c.Dividends.
  • 5.Give you an amazing mechanical trading strategy. How good is it? I tested it on the DJIA for the last 20 years. It made money in all but 2. Average accuracy is >75% and can be used on any stock.
  • 6.Show you the all-time, very best indicators to call major stock market tops and bottom.
  • 7.Share with you my easy-to-follow trading strategy that can be applied to the stocks of your choice.
  • And More.