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You see, the “Ultimate Retirement Loophole” is a transaction that doesn’t involve buying any stocks, bonds, precious metals, buying options, collecting dividends or other normal ways of investing. It’s not FOREX trading, day trading or any other risky strategy. I named it that because it could eliminate ALL your worries about having enough money in retirement. In fact, it can help you build so much wealth so quickly that I believe some could retire five or maybe 10 years earlier than planned using what you’re about to see.

I’ve spent the last 15 years in the investment business, spending much of that time as a portfolio manager working at a $135 million hedge fund in Atlanta, GA – which is where I discovered and perfected this income strategy managing our high net worth clients after learning it from my mentor Bill.

You see, most investors who use options are greedy. They plow money into buying options, hoping to make a fortune. And according to a Chicago Mercantile Exchange study from the 1990s, about 76% of the time, they get what they deserve: They lose. That’s why what they do is so risky…and…why what we do is so safe. Because I’ll never ask you to buy a stock option. Instead, I’ll will show you how to use a much safer approach that allows you to make hundreds (even thousands) of dollars over and over again when those people lose. Keep in mind this doesn’t work in the ordinary stock market. It works only in the options market, because you’re essentially taking advantage of all the gamblers there, you’re exploiting a trading “loophole.”